Modbus RTU for various sensor inputs, various outputs. Free programmable software and data visualizations.

Designed to be installed in any lubrication line using just two 1/2" BSPP ports, the suite reports metallic wear debris mass, oil condition, moisture and metallic ferrous / non-ferrous debris counts in the lubricant. Housed in a robust enclosure well suited for a wide range of applications, the p...

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As a lightweight, portable and self-contained X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) spectrometer, the XRF Analyser enables in-situ lab standard testing of fuel oils and lubricants at sea or on land. The XRF Analyser can be used to measure a range of wear metals in lubricating oil, allowing operators to quickl...

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The new ANALEX pqL is the latest development of a widely accepted ANALEX pq laboratory instrument range. Enhancements include greatly improved reproducibility at low pq levels (<25 PQ), reduced footprint, much faster (0.5X) cycle time and better auto-calibration. Accepts used and in-service oil a...

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Fuel and Lubes Oil Analysis Instruments

  • ANALEX pqL

    The new ANALEX pqL is the latest development of a widely accepted ANALEX pq laboratory instrument range. Enhancements include greatly improved reproducibility at low pq levels (<25 PQ), reduced footprint, much faster (0.5X) cycle time and better auto-calibration. Accepts used and in-service oil and pre-prepared grease samples. Reports results in PQ Index and is suitable for connection to laboratory LIMS systems and remote operation. http://kittiwake.com/ANALEXpqL-ferrous-debris-monitor
  • ANALEX fdmplus - ferrous debris monitor

    Developed in co-operation with Shell Marine Lubes, the fdMplus implements a skill set in sensitive magnetometry into a design suitable for On-Site applications. Sensitive to very low ferrous contamination levels (<1 micron) and reporting directly in ppm for comparison with laboratory test results. Suitable for use on 50 or 5 ml oil and pre-prepared grease samples. Test time typically <10 seconds per sample. http://kittiwake.com/ANALEXfdmplus-ferrous-debris-monitor
  • Fuel and Lubes Oil Analysis Instruments

    Parker Kittiwake specialis in providing on-line and on-site solutions for the condition monitoring of critical plant and industry machinery. Our sensors and equipment pieces facilitate rapid and informed decision making which helps to keep your machinery running efficiently for longer. http://www.kittiwake.com/
  • On-Site lubes Oil Test Kits

    A complete set of economically priced oil equipment with a level of accuracy suited to routine analysis. These oil test kits will identify most major problems in time to limit major damage. They will give you comfort that the oil is fit for use and system free of major contamination. The ability to test On-Site at the point of use enables you to conduct oil analysis quickly and easily. Detecting out-of-spec fuels and lubricants can identify potential problems, before they become critical. Choose from a range of oil testing equipment and parameters to use either individually, or combined as a single oil test kit containing combinations of DIGI and ECON tests. http://kittiwake.com/multiparameter-oil-test-kits
  • Hydraulic particle test kit

    A small self contained kit specifically aimed at basic On-Site care of hydraulic systems. Quickly identify hydraulic system contamination by a variety of metallic and non-metallic contaminants and gauge the suitability for continued use or need for additional filtration. http://kittiwake.com/hydraulic-particles-test-kit
  • Reagent for field test - Fuel/Lubes test

    Parker Kittiwake constantly develop ways to reduce the cost of your Planned Maintenance program. One way is to decrease the hazardous nature of our tests and associated shipping costs. Over the past two years we have developed many alternatives allowing re-classification of over 80 reagents. http://kittiwake.com/digi-test-kits
  • Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM)

    The Ferrous Wear Meter (FWM) brings PPM wear metal analysis capability to On-Site oil analysis in a simpler format than offered by the fDMplus. Simply, with no tedious sample preparation, it detects iron contamination and reports directly in industry standard PPM values. Provided with reference check samples, it is suitable for both industrial applications and also for use on marine two stroke scavenge oil samples for feed rate optimization program and monitoring of cylinder conditions under fuel switching applications. Typical test time < 2 seconds per sample. http://kittiwake.com/ferrous-wear-meter


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Engineering services & technical supply for the testing instruments of the fuel/oil analysis, tribology services, upgrade and reverse engineering control systems, PLC/HMI/SCADA integrator, industrial HVAC maintenance, filtration/separation of liquid, condition monitoring, and CNC workshop.

KPTeknika has started in 1999 as tribology services and sells the unique field test instrument for used oil/fuel analysis - authorized partner of Kittiwake Development UK (now Parker Kittiwake). We also sells Japanese’ makers of the diesel spare parts and ship components.

KPTeknika expanded their business to the control system and automations in 2009. KPTeknika transformed to PT. KPTeknika Mekatronik in 2014.

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